Yes Your Attitude Matters


Zig Ziglar said it best, “Your Attitude determines your Altitude.” That sentiment hasn’t changed, that’s right, your attitude matters.

I was listening to a podcast and the presenter said that the former 6 degrees of separation is now 3 degrees. Let that sink in for a minute. With the use of social media, apps, and shared information, a bad experience can turn into a nightmare. You’ve seen the Facebook posts, tweets and youtube videos of other’s bad experiences, rude customer service and all around poor business practices.

Don’t be one of them.Be one of the few, that receives raving reviews from customers and fans who were wowed by your service and professionalism.

Now, I know that sometimes, we have a right to have a bad attitude. Maybe a rude customer or a personal situation has hijacked your day and your thoughts. At those times, remember why you started your business, and if you’re having a bad day,  acknowledge it—but don’t bring others into it:

1. Take a deep breath before you respond

2. Use social media restraint. Type a message and reread it before you posts.

3. Get enough rest

4. Read books or listen to podcasts before you go to work to help you get in a positive frame of mind

5. Think like an athlete—if they miss shots, cause fouls or just make terrible plays, they have to get their heads back in the game quickly. Don’t waste time replaying the mistake, just start fresh.

5. Pray, yes, I still agree with MC Hammer: You’ve got to pray just to make it today!

Your attitude matters and could make a difference in someone’s life today, starting with your own.


What Happened to Fly Swatters?


kristyhairston.comIt seems like a silly question. But I remember fly swatters being a staple at my parents and grandparents house, especially during the summer at family dinners or picnics in the backyard. Now, it’s very rare to see a fly swatter at your home or any one else’s for that matter. I’m sure fly swatters aren’t the only thing that have mostly been forgotten from society, but it does beg the question;”what happened to fly swatters” and could this disappearance also apply to business? How?

Just consider the fact that what you’re doing/producing today, no matter how awesome, could eventually become obsolete. Are you prepared for that? Or are you working to prevent it? Here are some questions that can help you evaluate where things are now and where you are planning to go with your product/business:

1. Have you clearly defined your brand and the benefit of using your product/business?

2. With so many alternatives for your product/business, why is your product/business the best? Is that message being marketed through your various messaging?

3. Is there room for expansion with your current business/product? Do you have that planned out for the rest of the year or in the next 3 years?

4. If there are better alternatives to your product/business are you working to improve or preparing to fold?

Resources: Books to help you on the journey to answering these questions:

  • Strategic Acceleration
  • The Thank You Economy
  • Peoplework
  • The Sticking Point
  • The Commitment Engine

3 Essential Elements of a Great To Do List


The infamous to-do list has been around longer than many of us can imagine. It’s the time management task that comes in many forms. Some write theirs on paper, some have apps on their phones or computers and others have a mental list. Whichever form you choose, there are some important elements that every to-do list must have:

1. Accessibility

Your to-do list should be able to accessed at any time. This is best model so that you can add or delete tasks throughout the day. If you use paper, it might be helpful to keep a to-do notebook so that you can fit it in your purse or briefcase and take it with you on the go.

Apps are already set to be accessible, but you still have to take the time and update them as you complete tasks or add them. Make sure the app you choose, has an auto save feature, and sync’s with various platforms.

2. Ability to Share

More than likely, there are things on your to-do list that can be delegated. So, your to-do list needs a share feature. This becomes a little more complicated with the notebook method.

Whatever method you choose, you should easily be able to share tasks with others. For additional accountability it would be nice if the to-do list had a feature that alerted you when a delegated task was completed.

3. Ability to Schedule/Prioritize

Every task is not equal, therefore each task should be prioritized. There are several methods to do this:

  • The ABC Method: Placed in the margin of the your tasks  (A= Urgent, B = Important but not Urgent and C= Neither Urgent or Important)
  • More than One List: Daily and Overall
  • Use an App that allows you to date tasks and set reminders according to priority

My Favorite To Do App: Todoist for MAC or Android

What are your to-do list essentials?


For Additional Reading:

5 Free Apps for Making Better To Do Lists: FastCompany

The Now Habit


Why I Became a HootSuite Ambassador


HootSuite ProfileI have business professionals and salespeople talking to me all the time about “efficiency” in social media. There’s a part of me that believes social media is not about efficiency, it’s about engagement. Then there’s the side that says, social media can be an efficient way to engage with various audiences.

To either of those, my simple answer is HootSuite. I recently became an Ambassador for HootSuite this month, because of my belief in the platform. In a nutshell, HootSuite offers you the opportunity to stay engaged with multiple social networks at one time.

That’s right, in one platform, you can see what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Foursquare. You can also setup various searches across those social networks. If it sounds overwhelming–it’s not. It’s actually quite simple and very efficient. HootSuite offers instructional videos to train you on best practices. HootSuite allows you the opportunity to post across multiple platforms and schedule posts.

If you haven’t tried HootSuite before, give it a try. And if you stopped using it, it’s time for a second look.

Trusting your Coach


Being coached is much like following google maps. Before you start your course you input the address to determine the fastest route to your destination.

Google maps most likely gives you three options to your destination and suggests a best/recommended route to get there in a timely manner. Occasionally the fastest route also has heavy traffic, but in the beginning you believe based on the other options it’s still the best way.

So, you happily start off on your way. However along the way, you run into that traffic that was predicted.

Forgetting that this is the fastest route, you immediately start looking for an alternate route or to exit on a side street and begin pioneering your own way. Why?

Has that ever happened to you?

The same is true for coaching. You may have met with your coach and outlined a plan for success. However, once the road to success seems to be slower than you anticipated, you begin looking for an alternate route. Something that seems to get you to your destination faster. But what you must understand is that our coach has viewed the roadmap already, and they know that following this path is the fastest route. Trust your coach, trust the process!

Monitoring Your Course


I ran into a friend tonight and we were talking about the idea of mentally owning the place where you are in your business and the journey of where you’re going. As business owners and professionals, we have to monitor our course, not just set our goals.

For example, you may hImageave a goal of being the #1 salesperson in your industry. However, along the path of becoming the #1 salesperson, you begin cutting corners; your personality changes; you’re working longer hours and seeing your family less. Although you may be close to obtaining your goal, is this the way you wanted to achieve it?

That is the idea of monitoring your course while working toward your goals. Setting goals is one of the top ways to ensure that you will reach a destination. Monitoring your course is a sure way to make sure that you don’t violate other things you believe in on your way to success.

One of the speeches that I gave to my real estate team frequently was, “As we are on our way to #1, let’s not arrive at that destination over weight, unhappy or compromising other goals in our lives.” To me, being #1 would have been great, but not at the expense of other things that are also important.

Can you do it all? No, but you can do your most important things well. Zig Ziglar had a teaching about goal setting and your life wheel. On the inside of the wheel (circle) there were spokes with the words: physical, family, mental, financial, spiritual, career, and personal. On each spoke you are to imagine a number line 1-10 (1 is very poor and 10 is outstanding) and you are to place a dot on the line of where you are concerning that particular subject. Then you were to make a circle connecting the dots from each area. And then he would ask the question, “How Smooth is Your Ride?”

The idea is if you were scored a 10 in physical but a 1 or 2 in everything else, your life wheel ride would be bumpy. The goal is not perfect 10’s all around, even though that would be amazing ,it’s not realistic. The idea is that you would perform better in each area because you’re aware of where you are concerning that area. That’s the goal: awareness!

Compassion: Pass it On


This video is a picture of paying it forward. One of my life goals is to leave this world “empty,” to have completely exhausted my potential in each area of my life. Life can be used on the selfish pursuit of more for ourselves or an ambitious pursuit of more for others and the betterment of our world and communities.

It’s about compassion, pass it on!

Beautiful in Your Eyes


Isn’t it interesting that the meaning of “beautiful” depends on who is using it. For example, I may think that hydrangea’s are beautiful flowers and you may absolutely hate them. Does that mean that they are or are not beautiful? Depends right…

Own your definition of beautiful!

Recognized Habit and Hobby


Let’s just say I’ve been attempting to discover or create a hobby for myself. Unsure of what that was, I asked my husband, “do I have any hobbies?” Now ladies, I know we tend to ask our husband rhetorical questions, but this time I was really hoping that he could offer some advice or direction. To my surprise, he did! “Reading,” he replied, “that’s your hobby.” As I stared at him, all sorts of thoughts were running through my head. First, is reading really a hobby? When I think of hobbies I think of cooking, painting, or some sort of craft. Could reading actually be a hobby?

According to, a hobby is “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.” Imagine my surprise when I found out that my enjoyment of reading books actually classifies as a hobby.

It’s sparked my decision to start this blog and actually talk about the books I’m reading. To anyone that’s interested, I will be sharing lessons I learn or things that I consider interesting. I’m hoping that it could serve as an online book club, where we meet and share all about books.

Welcome to our adventure–the joy of reading!