3 Essential Elements of a Great To Do List


The infamous to-do list has been around longer than many of us can imagine. It’s the time management task that comes in many forms. Some write theirs on paper, some have apps on their phones or computers and others have a mental list. Whichever form you choose, there are some important elements that every to-do list must have:

1. Accessibility

Your to-do list should be able to accessed at any time. This is best model so that you can add or delete tasks throughout the day. If you use paper, it might be helpful to keep a to-do notebook so that you can fit it in your purse or briefcase and take it with you on the go.

Apps are already set to be accessible, but you still have to take the time and update them as you complete tasks or add them. Make sure the app you choose, has an auto save feature, and sync’s with various platforms.

2. Ability to Share

More than likely, there are things on your to-do list that can be delegated. So, your to-do list needs a share feature. This becomes a little more complicated with the notebook method.

Whatever method you choose, you should easily be able to share tasks with others. For additional accountability it would be nice if the to-do list had a feature that alerted you when a delegated task was completed.

3. Ability to Schedule/Prioritize

Every task is not equal, therefore each task should be prioritized. There are several methods to do this:

  • The ABC Method: Placed in the margin of the your tasks  (A= Urgent, B = Important but not Urgent and C= Neither Urgent or Important)
  • More than One List: Daily and Overall
  • Use an App that allows you to date tasks and set reminders according to priority

My Favorite To Do App: Todoist for MAC or Android

What are your to-do list essentials?


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