Monitoring Your Course


I ran into a friend tonight and we were talking about the idea of mentally owning the place where you are in your business and the journey of where you’re going. As business owners and professionals, we have to monitor our course, not just set our goals.

For example, you may hImageave a goal of being the #1 salesperson in your industry. However, along the path of becoming the #1 salesperson, you begin cutting corners; your personality changes; you’re working longer hours and seeing your family less. Although you may be close to obtaining your goal, is this the way you wanted to achieve it?

That is the idea of monitoring your course while working toward your goals. Setting goals is one of the top ways to ensure that you will reach a destination. Monitoring your course is a sure way to make sure that you don’t violate other things you believe in on your way to success.

One of the speeches that I gave to my real estate team frequently was, “As we are on our way to #1, let’s not arrive at that destination over weight, unhappy or compromising other goals in our lives.” To me, being #1 would have been great, but not at the expense of other things that are also important.

Can you do it all? No, but you can do your most important things well. Zig Ziglar had a teaching about goal setting and your life wheel. On the inside of the wheel (circle) there were spokes with the words: physical, family, mental, financial, spiritual, career, and personal. On each spoke you are to imagine a number line 1-10 (1 is very poor and 10 is outstanding) and you are to place a dot on the line of where you are concerning that particular subject. Then you were to make a circle connecting the dots from each area. And then he would ask the question, “How Smooth is Your Ride?”

The idea is if you were scored a 10 in physical but a 1 or 2 in everything else, your life wheel ride would be bumpy. The goal is not perfect 10’s all around, even though that would be amazing ,it’s not realistic. The idea is that you would perform better in each area because you’re aware of where you are concerning that area. That’s the goal: awareness!