About Kristy!


KH_010 (1)Kristy Hairston

As a little girl, one of Kristy’s favorite pastimes was riding around on Saturday mornings with her Aunt Connie who lived next door. The two of them would venture to any and every yard sale they could find. Aunt Connie would peruse and bargain until she found just what she was looking for and little Kristy was just thrilled to be along for the ride.

Her parents were blue collar workers who treasured family but there was something about seeing the bigger world beyond their small duplex that excited Kristy and expanded her world. As she grew up, she came to enjoy reading. Each book allowed her to enter a whole new world of possibilities.

Kristy’s passion for life and God-given curiosity have served her well, taking her to exciting places, introducing her to people who would shape her destiny and putting her in position to discover the gifts God has placed inside her and to utilize them in service to others.

Today, Kristy is an energetic, driven and compassionate woman who adds value to her family, clients and community but as a high school student, Kristy was an average student whose most consistent feedback went like this, “Kristy is smart but she’s not applying herself and she talks too much in class.”

It wasn’t long before she discovered that God had a better story for her than the one she’d gotten used to.

As a real estate professional, Kristy utilizes her compassion for others and business savvy to build win-win relationships. She founded Nashville’s Dream Team in 2010. Nashville’s Dream Team closed more than 112 transactions in 2012! Kristy has received numerous professional honors but the most rewarding part of her real estate career is the satisfaction that comes from knowing that she is providing a much-needed service to her clients.

Kristy’s interest include traveling, reading and writing. Her first book, “Kisses for Moms of Newborns” was published in 2010. She blogs regularly on leadership and real estate. Kristy is planning a 2013 short-term missions trip to Haiti, which she is very excited about!

 At the core, Kristy is a vivacious and compassionate person led by her love for God and people. She is a life-long learner and goal-setter who prioritizes God, family and service to others. She is a sister and a friend who loves deeply.


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