Why I Became a HootSuite Ambassador


HootSuite ProfileI have business professionals and salespeople talking to me all the time about “efficiency” in social media. There’s a part of me that believes social media is not about efficiency, it’s about engagement. Then there’s the side that says, social media can be an efficient way to engage with various audiences.

To either of those, my simple answer is HootSuite. I recently became an Ambassador for HootSuite this month, because of my belief in the platform. In a nutshell, HootSuite offers you the opportunity to stay engaged with multiple social networks at one time.

That’s right, in one platform, you can see what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Foursquare. You can also setup various searches across those social networks. If it sounds overwhelming–it’s not. It’s actually quite simple and very efficient. HootSuite offers instructional videos to train you on best practices. HootSuite allows you the opportunity to post across multiple platforms and schedule posts.

If you haven’t tried HootSuite before, give it a try. And if you stopped using it, it’s time for a second look.