Trusting your Coach


Being coached is much like following google maps. Before you start your course you input the address to determine the fastest route to your destination.

Google maps most likely gives you three options to your destination and suggests a best/recommended route to get there in a timely manner. Occasionally the fastest route also has heavy traffic, but in the beginning you believe based on the other options it’s still the best way.

So, you happily start off on your way. However along the way, you run into that traffic that was predicted.

Forgetting that this is the fastest route, you immediately start looking for an alternate route or to exit on a side street and begin pioneering your own way. Why?

Has that ever happened to you?

The same is true for coaching. You may have met with your coach and outlined a plan for success. However, once the road to success seems to be slower than you anticipated, you begin looking for an alternate route. Something that seems to get you to your destination faster. But what you must understand is that our coach has viewed the roadmap already, and they know that following this path is the fastest route. Trust your coach, trust the process!